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Meet Fiona

Mission &

Fiona’s Bliss is the effortless approach to enhancing beauty and well-being the natural way. Our love for nature drives our desire to explore natural and organic ingredients. We represent the commitment of natural, pure, and nontoxic products.

I am a Trinidadian native, inspired by nature with a genuine love for all things of beauty.  My passion for beauty and high-quality skin care has been an integral part of my life. Fiona’s Bliss was created in response to my personal struggles to find a simple, truly natural solution for my dry skin.  This conviction led to my increasing involvement with skin care. I was therefore determined to create my own care product. After extensive research, I developed a high quality, certified organic formulation using ingredients as only Mother Nature herself can provide. I wanted to take charge of my skin with an effective skincare I can trust but most of all to help those with similar desires. Fiona’s Bliss is everything I wanted as a customer. Not only does it define me and passion for beauty; it enhances your confidence and serves as an exemplary addition to your collection. I strive to create inclusive products which people can trust, absolutely depend on but most of all, love to use.  Beauty is something which comes from within, feeling good about yourself, and being confident. When you experience our skin care, your mood will brighten, and your spirit will be soothed. Fiona’s bliss captures the healing energy of nature that our skin needs to strive and flourish. With products that allows you to feel good, smell good and reconnect with nature, Fiona’s Bliss ensures it all.

Fiona’s Bliss ensures it all.